Film Processing
- Color negative, color slide, black & white
from 35mm, 120, APS & other formats
- Reprints and enlargements
from negatives or print-to-print
- Proof Sheets
- Specialty prints on metal
- 35mm Slide Duplication

photo processing 1Digital Services
- Scan prints, negatives or slides to a digital file

- Digital Prints on photo paper. Starting at: 4×6 @ $0.15 each
- Transfer image files from memory card to CD or DVD
- Image reclamation:
Accidentally erased a memory card? We can recover your images.

Camera Repair
We repair cameras (film & digital), camcorders, lenses,
flash units, binoculars, projectors and meters.
We repair all major brands & some odd ones too!
All work is guaranteed.

Photo Restoration
Old or damaged photos can be restored, bringing back memories afresh!

- Coloring:
Bring brightness, contrast and vibrancy back to faded colors
Turn your black & white images into color images

- Image Manipulation:
Change backgrounds
Adding to or taking out people from a picture
Improvement of non-damaged photos.

Service includes improvements to
composition, light/shadows, hue/saturation
color balance, sharpening

Image Transfer to DVD
From 8mm & 16mm movie film
35mm Slides
VHS, 8mm & DV Camcorder Tapes

Passport Photos
Instant passport ID photos (white background)
One pair of identical 2″x2″ photos
made on real instant film – just takes a minute!


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International: 312-427-5580


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